TEDxShanghai 2012

“我是炎黄子孙”这一TEDx主题已经在我们脑海中酝酿许久。 在今年终于有机会将这场主题大会呈现。我们期望创造机会让更多华人从宗族、时间和地理的不同纬度去倾听、学习和感受作为“炎黄子孙”的意义。




This year’s theme “I am Chinese 我是炎黄子孙” has been on our minds for a while, we now have the courage to produce the 2012 event around this theme.
our goal and aim is to make a time for many of us to listen, to learn, to be touched and inspired by what it means to be Chinese from the perspective of ethnicity, time and geography.

in May, we will have over 24+ sets of speakers, thinkers, do’ers, performers, artists, social entrepreneurs, scientists… from different parts of greater China, HK, Taiwan, South East Asia, Europe, America, Japan…tell their story about their Chinese-ness.

they will speak and perform, sharing their deep passions, expertise, and humanity, while touching on this common theme during their 18 minutes including their own personal Chinese identity, Chinese pride, Chinese-ness. (or may be the absence and longing for it while growing up far from the Motherland).

we want to celebrate a unique time, place, and people that are striving in different ways for a more beautiful world for us and our children to live in… we wish for these great stories to be spoken, shared and multiply.