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TEDxShanghai 2010

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10,000小时,这个理念来自于著名作家马尔科姆·格拉德威尔(Malcolm Gladwell)的畅销书《异类:不一样的成功启示录》。
承诺, 激情, 好奇, 怜悯, 深度, 梦想, 努力

This year TEDxShanghai theme is “10,000 HOURS”
the theme was borrowed from a book chapter title from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.
Gladwell has suggested “10,000 HOURS” is a rough number needed for someone to develop strongly one’s skill / profession, we believe that these other components are necessary as well:
commitment, passion, curiosity, compassion, depth, dreams, perspiration

These videos have been translated and subtitled, please enjoy.

– 彭杨军 / 陈皎皎
– Jeff Lang
– 毛一青 Mao Yiqing
– 陈国权 Calvin Chin
– anothermountainman
– 娄永琪 Lou Yongqi
– 小河 Xiao He
– 黄蕙雯 Anita Huang
– 伊泉 Ines Brunn
– Chris Trees
– Archie Hamilton
– Grant Horsfield
– 李戍 Shu Li
– Robert


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