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2009年始,TED开放品牌授权(open licensing),允许各个地区和国家的人士遵照TED模式及其品牌准则自行策划组办TED大会,旨在促进更广泛的思想传播。这种在各地举行、并受到TED官方认可的会议就是TEDx。
TEDxShanghai 始于2009。

过去的两年里,我们构建了 TEDxShanghai 的团队、架构、并付诸实际。我们的团队成员都是TED理念的忠实拥趸。2009年,第一届TED成功举办,十位讲演人的精彩视频引发网友们的极大兴趣。第 一次成功给与我们经验、信心和梦想,今年,TEDxShanghai 团队的目标更高远,要把TED的深邃理念和精英创意人士的思想尽可能传播给更多关注中国、关注上海的人。讲演视频的双语翻译工作正在紧锣密鼓的推进中,接 下去,我们将倾听更多独一无二的声音,在中国思想和全球TED之间建起沟通的桥梁。

同时,我们也对网站进行了重建, 汇总所有TEDxShanghai的现场视频,为讲演人和观众提供交流互动的平台, 持续关注上海的头脑风暴,将成为 TEDxShanghai 最新活动消息的首发平台,让分享和传播思想成为可能。在之后的几个月内,我们持续不断地从TED USA和其他TEDx伙伴的资料库里择选最精彩、最有创意、最有启发性的往届讲演视频添加到我们的网站,希望能帮助大家更透彻的认识TED、及其蕴含的深 邃潜力。

2010年,随着举世瞩目的EXPO在上海举办,TEDxShanghai 寻觅到更多愿意分享创想和故事的讲演人,以TED独有的方式探讨上海本土发展、全球背景下的反思等深刻的议题。


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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.
There’re many TEDx running all over the world. TEDxShanghai was established since 2009. To know more about TEDx, please visit

Our event is called TEDxShanghai, where x=independently organized TED event. This year, the focus is on sharing amazing stories and ideas from within China and especially Shanghai. With the international attention due to the Shanghai Expo, it is a great opportunity to engage those from the local communities.

The vision of TEDxShanghai has been shaped, constructed, and executed over the past few years by those who care deeply about TED, the philosophies behind it and the China stories. Last year, the first TEDxShanghai conference was held with 17 speakers, with countless number of live-video stream followers. We at TEDxShanghai feel it’s imperative to continue to bridge the concept of TED and its brilliant ideas to the Chinese people as well as identify strong China talents and ideas.

This website is intended to act as portal for all of the upcoming TEDxShanghai news and event information. Over the following months, we will be posting insightful and inspirational TED talks from USA and from our sister Asia TEDx’s.

Please bookmark this site and continue to read, share, and follow TEDxShanghai as we move forward towards our next event. We would love to hear any comments or feedback as well.


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